Earlier this month, Pearson College UWC partnered with the University of Victoria on the inaugural  Victoria Forum, a three-day conference focused on diversity and inclusion. Among the conference themes, Pearson students explored the role of philanthropy and civil society in promoting social inclusion and change: a key outcome being that social change cannot come about without philanthropy playing a key role.

This year, many students at Pearson are coming forward to ask how they can develop skills in philanthropy that will serve them well both during their time at the College, and in their lives and careers beyond. For some, this includes contributing one hour each week to calling donors with messages of appreciation, creating videos and social media posts about campus activities and leading a campus-wide fundraising campaign.

Others have more specific goals: for instance, Omar, Year 43 from New Mexico, USA, is looking for advice on the best way to raise money for a Pearson activity that promotes international education outside the classroom and across borders, while his classmate, Adrita from Bangledesh is working to raise awareness and funds for the crisis in Rohyinga. Meanwhile, Adrien from Hong Kong and Sid from India have been looking for ways to boost their activity budget, so that more students can attend a model UN conference in Vancouver this spring.

In doing so, these Pearson students recognize that philanthropy is essential to achieving their objectives. They also realize that the transformational education that they are experiencing here at Pearson is only possible through the generosity of our donors and supporters.

During this giving season, we encourage you to consider how you can support the mission of Pearson College: inviting students into your home for the holidays, volunteering on a selection committee, or making a donation to the annual campaign.

And by donating this year, you will make it possible for the College to welcome 200 students to our campus next fall – 25 more students who can benefit from your philanthropy and go on to make a difference in the world.

Will you help us get there?

Dan Hurley
VP Advancement and External Relations
Campus Resident