Host Family Brochure

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Being a Host Family

What are Host Families?

Host Families play a vital role in the Pearson College UWC community, acting as surrogate families and providing much-needed respites for students.

Most Pearson students are far away from their own families, many for the first time, and need a home away from home. Families take their student(s) to their house for a night or a weekend or for one of our longer breaks. Students love to get a break from campus. They usually develop close relationships with their Host Families and describe their time with them as one of the most rewarding experiences of their two-year stay at Pearson College UWC. The experience is equally cherished by the nearly 200 Host Families involved in the program.

How to Apply

To become a Host Family click on the button below. To learn more about this program, contact our Host Family Coordinator by email.

We cook, eat, sing and laugh together. We meet such amazing young people and have wonderful memories.

Host Family Volunteer