For nearly 40 years, Pearson College UWC students have shared the music, dance and stories of their home countries stage at One World. It is very powerful to bear witness to the student’s stories and experiences as they explore and present them to the world and with the audience.

“One World is an incredible leadership opportunity for all students. Every single student will have a part in it. Whether it be on stage, behind the scenes, or through the interactive exposition showcasing the students service and other projects.”

Paul Faber, Faculty Member and One World Musical Director

Each year, the entire student body comes together to share in this challenging – yet ultimately rewarding – creative labour of love. One World is one more way that Pearson College students learn to live and work together, celebrate diversity, collaboration, creativity and courage.

Relive the magic of One World 2018

Why we think you should join us in March 2019 for One World?

For everyone who has not seen and experienced One World yet: This incredible performance provides a rich, potent understanding of cultures that most of us would have never experienced before.

And why would we urge you to come join us again? Well, you have seen the show and know what our students are capable of. Re-live the magic of One World, be swept away by new performances each year that are as unique as the students itself, and look forward to perennial favourites such as the South African Gumboot Dance, Ukrainian Dance and the One Hundred Voices Choir.