GROWceries for you means GROWceries for them

GROWceries is an online student store, geared to help students at Pearson College UWC access items deemed essential to well-being, that are not already available on campus. It saves students not only the time of taking the bus to town, but also the added expense of buying lunch and other impulse items on the trip.

(L-R: Ruby Reyes (YR44/2019, Philippines), Ivonne Juárez Serna (YR43/2018, Mexico), Zaid Aldwikat (YR44/2019, Jordan), Tharun Sathiyamoorthy (YR44/2019, Malaysia), Karel van der Vyver (YR43/2018, South Africa), Steve Farrugia (YR43/2018, Malta), Bryan Nakambonde (YR43/2018, Namibia)

Karel and six of his peers, formed a new student-led activity – Social Innovation – to meet a challenge using modern technology and raise funds through an innovative idea to make a difference in their home communities.

Together, they came up with a weekly online ordering system that charges students a nominal service fee for the delivery of the items to their rooms. That service fee turns into a donation to local charities in the organizing students home towns.

The students work together to decide on which charities would make the best use of their contribution, whether it turns out to be $50 or $500. They each will have the opportunity to personally deliver the donation when they head home at winter or summer break, and will have the chance to learn more about the people they are helping.

Their mantra is: GROWceries for you means GROWceries for them!

Your continued support of Pearson College students, funds education that is goes beyond the classroom. It is often nontraditional, pushing students to come up with innovative ideas to the world’s problems.

 “Innovation is a mixture of the old and the new with a dash of surprise.”

– Al Etmanski

Please note: The student store GROWceries is currently on winter break, but will be back in the new term at Check it out in the new year!