On this page you will find updates on the latest College events as well as recordings of past events. For more info on alumni-led events, see below.

Upcoming College Events

Please note that any session might be recorded and its content subsequently published on Pearson College UWC’s website or social media channels.

Currently there are no upcoming Pearson College UWC events planned. Stay tuned.

Past College Events

26 Jan 2022

Global Village Update | 6

In this sixth edition of our online series, Global Village Update, the New Executive Director of the UWC National Committee of Canada, Lyndsay Sprado, gave us an overview us all about the committee’s mandate to recruit dozens of Canadian youth to take part in the UWC lifelong experience. Tyrone Pile (VP) and Craig Davis (Head of College) shared upates about the campus and Pearson’s newly refreshed Strategic Vision; second-year student Yahya informed us what it is like to be part a student rep in the College Assembly; alum and faculty member Lucas Olscamp told us about his re-imagined vision for One World 2022; we heard from Ed Bourcier from the Pearson Alumni Association and lastly from Nosa Ero-Brown and her involvment in Pearson’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Working Committee. 

18 Nov 2021 

YE,TOST: New House Names Honouring the Land

Together with the Sc’ianew First Nation leaders, we celebrated and honoured the gift of new SENĆOŦEN language names and artwork for our student houses! Join us in this step towards Reconciliation at Pearson College UWC.

21 Oct 2021

Global Affairs Speaker Series

Climate Change Impacts, Challenges, and Opportunities Here and There
We continued to the explore the theme of climate change and climate action with a panel of speakers who shared insights from their perspectives both from the Southern and Northern Hemispheres.

23 Sept 2021

Global Affairs Speaker Series

Pathways to a less-ghastly future

In this session Alumnus Corey Bradshaw (Year 14/1989, Canada-BC), Matthew Flinders Professor of Global Ecology at the Flinders University, shared “Pathways to a less-ghastly future”.

09 Jun 2021

Global Village Update | 4

Challenge and resilience. Two words that very much summarize life on campus over the past months. Craig Davis, Head of College, shared his insights on the unprecedented year we just had and provided a preview of things to come. Owen Teo (Year 15/1990, Canada-BC), new Pearson Board Director, joined us as the emcee for this event.

28 Mar 2021

Conversations with African Alumni

# 2 in the series of conversations with African Alumni: Several African alumni joining a Zoom conversation with current students to offer support and provide advice to navigate campus life and prepare for life after Pearson.

05 Mar 2021

Global Village Update 3

This third GVU session focused on our Head Craig Davis’ top interest and priority, namely Place-Based Education and the dynamic, on-going Curriculum Development at Pearson, but we also heard from staff, students, alumni and friends who are contributing not only to the intense PC Campus Life, but also the rich and diverse ‘Life after Pearson’ scene around the world.

12 Dec 2020

Conversations with African Alumni

Several African alumni have joined together and propose having a Zoom conversation with current students to answer many of your questions and provide advice as you navigate campus life and prepare for life after Pearson.

Check out some photos of the event.

11 Dec 2020

Global Village Update 2

The second edition of the Global Village Update zoom conferences saw a total of 107 enthusiastic PCers participate. The focus of this session was Pearson’s newly approved Reconciliation Action Plan.

30 October 2020

Global Village Update

In our first ever Global Village Update alumni and our extended community had a chance to meet Craig Davis, Head of College, and to learn more about the rich responses to our alumni survey and the enthusiastic participation at Virtual Reunions.