Alumni-Led Global Village Speaker Series

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Upcoming Alumni-led Events

Please note that any session might be recorded and its content subsequently published on Pearson College UWC’s website or social media channels.

11 Sept 2021

Hayley Headley (UWC Maastricht), Angie Bain (Pearson College UWC), Salma Abdi (UWC Maastricht), Agnes ‘Mimi’ Nonie (Pearson College UWC) & Angela Eliacy (UWC ISAK Japan): Societal Violence Against Women

Past Alumni-led Events

12 Jun 2021

Mats Ronne: Advertising in a Pandemic: How a New Marketing Landscape Has Influenced Best Practice and Ethical Considerations

30 May 2021

Lisa Moon and Joseph Gitler: Conquering the Global Food Waste Dilemma

15 May 2021

Martin Harvey YR 3/1978 New Zealand, New Zealand High Commissioner to Canada: Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform

01 May 2021

Corinne Schuter-Wallace: Sustainability,Equity, and Water-A Global Perspective

17 Apr 2021

Brent Preston , farmer and former Human Rights Investigator, Aid Worker, Election Observer: Regenerative Agriculture: Climate, Environment, and Human Health

3 Apr 2021

Polly Akhurst/Wesley Chiu/Zia Abbas(tent): Philanthropic Educational Initiatives By UWC Alum-Changing Lives Through Education

20 March 2021

Jorge Titinger: Diversity and Inclusion-Not Just the Right Choice, the Smart Choice

06 Mar 2021

Pier Massa: Commercializing Innovation with an Eye on Sustainability-Getting the Balance Right. View the recording

20 Feb 2021

Plutarco Naranjo: Artificial Intelligence – Implications & Applications View the recording

06 Feb 2021

Till Whanbaeck, Impacc: A new approach to developement aid View the recording

23 Jan 2021

Dr. Sina Sajed: On Memory and Aging View the recording
12 Dec 2020
GM Plants as potential solution for food sustainability by Maarten Jognsma (Year 5/1980, Netherlands). View the presentation or View the recording
28 Nov 2020

Renewables-Energy Transition by David Robinson. View the recording

14 Nov 2020
The Mind in Motion by Vivienne Sarobe Sopranis. View the recording
24 Oct 2020
Ethical Mining by David Horgan (Year 3/1978, Ireland) View the recording
12 Sept 2020
Global Warming by Geert Jan van Oldenborgh (Year 5/1980, Netherlands).  Listen to the audio recording or view the event presentation.