Welcome to Forging Connections! We would like to save some space to forge alumni connections. We’ve recognized the want and need for connecting alumni and we thought we could use eNews as a channel. We have been approached by individuals who would like to connect with the following:

  • An alum who has participated in Semester at Sea can share their experiences with a recent alum who is interested in the program.
  • Indigenous alumni who would like to connect with our current Indigenous students about experiences at Pearson and the transition to Life After Pearson.
  • Local alumni who are in Victoria who are interested in assisting with Pearson’s greenhouse, composting project, and potentially babysitting our worms in our vermicompost over the summer.
  • Alumni who are able to work with Pearson’s Sustainability Coordinator and students with ESG strategy setting and reporting.

Please reach out to alumni@pearsoncollege.ca if you are interested in connecting for any of the above connections or if you would are in search of an alumni connection.

Ten Tags About You

In order to serve our community better, we also want to provide an opportunity to learn how to better reach our alumni audience, provide relevant communications, and create resource groups in the near future. Please see the survey (below) that will ask you to provide up to 10 tags. These 10 tags will allow you to state terms that can be identity-based, issues that you are passionate about, your profession/industry related, geographic location, and even based on a hobby Please take a few minutes to complete it.

For example, I might put:
1) Sustainability
2) Strategic Human Resources Management
3) College Counselling
4) Hong Kong
5) Parenting
6) Yoga
7) Kayaking
8) Women in Leadership
9) Educational Leadership
10) Program Director


We look forward to learning Ten Tags About You!