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Finally “Home”.

Welcoming students back to campus

Student arrival 2020

After months of preparation we were able to welcome back the majority of our students on 24 August 2020. Adhering to local rules and regulations, we brought our students to a local hotel to complete a mandatory 14 day quarantine period.

Very different yet still the same: Students are excited to arrive and meet with their Pearson peers

Masked and physically distant students are ready to start their Quarientation.

Daily health checks, including taking everyone’s temperature, was part of the Quarientation routine for our students and adult chaperons.

Head of College Craig Davis warmly greeted all students, employees and residents on campus at an outdoor Welcome Circle shortly after this year’s student groups completed their Quarientation. He reminded everyone that, while many of our  Year 47 students have not yet been permitted to enter Canada due to federal regulations, they are still essential members of our Pearson community.

After two weeks of Quarientation, students from each house have formed a bubble, which means there will be lots of ‘distanced’ hugs happening.

Students assembled in ‘house bubbles’ for the Welcome Circle ceremony on East House lawn.

Experiential Coordinator and resident Marija introduces herself and her role during the ceremony.

All community members wear masks when outside of their house ‘bubble’.

We acknowledge that we live, learn and work on the unceded territory of the Sc’ianew (Beecher Bay) First Nation.