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Please Note: Due to the evolving COVID-19 situation, we are asking non-essential visitors to campus to cancel visits for the foreseeable future. Unless you are providing an essential service to the campus community, please do not come on to campus. The campus is closed to casual visitors, including those who may wish to park on campus to use nearby hiking trails, and others except for essential needs personnel.

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COVID-19 Update: Message for students

Jan 22, 2021

Dear Students,

 On behalf of the COVID-19 Working Group, thank you for acting responsibly and staying safe during this year’s unique Winter Break. I think I speak for everyone, including Houseparents, House Buddies and all faculty and staff volunteers in saying how much we appreciated your planning for and participation in a fun and engaging break, while continuing to respect pandemic health and safety measures.

 As you might know, prior to Winter Break, the COVID-19 Working Group (WG) – which includes student representatives – considered two proposals to relax certain campus restrictions:

 (1) students from other Houses visiting Dayrooms other than their own; and

(2) expansion of existing College outdoor boundaries


Based on feedback prior to the Break, the proposal to allow students from different Houses to visit the dayrooms of other Houses is still under review and consideration, pending additional comment from Houseparents, students and the Health Centre. The WG will be following up with recommendations for the community to consider. In the meantime, remember, House Dayrooms and student rooms remain restricted to only those members that are residents of those Houses.

 Expanding Outdoor Boundaries

In view of the overall success of COVID-19 campus boundaries with relatively few incidents, and following consultation with the District of Metchosin public safety officer, the WG has recommended and the College has approved the expansion of existing outdoor boundaries as follows:

  •  Galloping Goose – Boundaries will now extend West to Matheson Lake and East/North to Lombard Drive and will be in effect for daylight hours only (see Map attached).
  •  Pearson College Drive – Boundaries are expanded from their current limit at the Pearson Trail marker to Sandgate Road/Weir’s Beach and will be in effect for daytime or evening (see Map).
  • COVID-19 Regulations – Students wishing to walk along the Goose or Pearson College Drive/William Head Rd/Sandgate Rd must organize themselves in numbers that do not exceed 3. As you know, Provincial Health Office orders regarding public gatherings – even outdoors — are very strict and fines for individuals violating the orders are significant.* This means, even if you travel individually or in groups of 3, you cannot “meet up” with others to form a larger group. Bear in mind that any member of the public can notify bylaw officers or other authorities if they observe gatherings that exceed Provincial Health orders. Please review this link for more information:

* People and businesses can be issued a violation ticket of either $230 or $2,300 for non-compliance; for egregious contraventions or repeat offenders, police charges could result and if convicted, judicial penalties of up to $10,000 and/or one year in prison may be imposed.

  • Students are advised to dress appropriately, including use of reflective bands and flashlights if walking to Weir’s Beach after dark. No swimming is permitted after dark.
  • Signing out/in from/to your respective House (including estimated return time) is already an important student safety requirement. In an emergency/evacuation it is critical that the College can account for everyone’s whereabouts. If you do not sign out, we do not know where you are. If you are not in the habit of signing out, please make it a habit and make yourself and our community safer.
  • Wear your masks and practice physical distancing in the presence of members of the public.
  • Do not create excessive noise or disturbances along Pearson College Drive or at Weir’s Beach, especially when close to residential areas and after dark.

These boundary expansions are only possible if we all continue to respect and adhere to Provincial Health orders and guidelines. Like other COVID measures, these will be reviewed regularly by the COVID-19 WG for compliance and feedback from our neighbours in the community of Metchosin. As some of you may have noted recently in local news, outbreaks of COVID-19 are present and being reported within our own Westshore communities, so it is incumbent upon everyone to be extra vigilant and to follow health and safety protocols.

Tyrone Pile, CMM, MSC, CD

Vice President Operations and Administration

Pearson College UWC

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