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Please Note: Due to the evolving COVID-19 situation, we are asking non-essential visitors to campus to cancel visits for the foreseeable future. Unless you are providing an essential service to the campus community, please do not come on to campus. The campus is closed to casual visitors, including those who may wish to park on campus to use nearby hiking trails, and others except for essential needs personnel.

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Important COVID-19 Reminders

09 April 2021

Dear Students, Faculty, Staff and Residents,

At yesterday’s COVID-19 Working Group meeting, staff, faculty and student members agreed that a timely reminder about pandemic protocols was necessary and important especially after province-wide measures announced in last week’s Provincial government’s “circuit breaker” notification.

While Action Week was a great success in terms of safe and sometimes challenging activities off-campus and as a welcome respite for everyone who has studied or worked hard this year under pandemic circumstances, we are now into the home stretch of our academic year.

As you have all seen online and in the news, increasing COVID case counts here in the Island Health region and throughout British Columbia, as well as the rapid spread of more highly-contagious COVID variants, which are affecting the health of young people more seriously, mean that we are not yet close to seeing the end of the pandemic.

Several Island schools have experienced COVID exposures and positive cases. We are fortunate that good compliance to protocols by both campus residents and employee “bubble breakers” has helped us avoid that circumstance. But this is no time to let up on COVID health and safety protocols.

Complete the Daily Online Health Self-Check

This is basic but it bears repeating: Whether you feel well or ill, you must fill out the emailed daily health survey. Not only does this serve as an early-warning system it is a mandatory requirement for our school to remain open under Public Health and WorkSafeBC rules. Compliance inspections are regularly conducted at businesses and schools and an important indicator of safe COVID practices is good uptake on daily health self-checks by all employees and students. The survey literally takes seconds to fill out – please do so.   

Continue to Self-monitor for COVID Symptoms

Early in the pandemic, the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) posted a quick and easy online self-assessment tool which you can use to help determine if you have a suspected case of COVID, the common cold or the flu. This is a quick and easy anonymous online tool that can be completed in less than a minute. Symptoms that indicate you may have COVID, or the common cold or the flu, have not changed since the beginning of the current pandemic so please use this tool to assess your own wellbeing.   

Of course, please don’t hesitate to contact our Campus Health Centre if you need more details or have any concerns. Don’t forget you can also access information in many languages through the website and 8-1-1 phone line staffed around the clock by nurses and allied health professionals.

What Happens if a Positive Case is Identified in our Campus Community?

The protocols to deal with a positive case in our community are straightforward, guided by Public Health Office directives and available to everyone in our posted COVID Campus and Community Safety Plan. These were included in our original COVID Restart Plan made available online last summer. We are obliged by the Ministry of Advanced Education, as well as Public Health and WorkSafeBC, to regularly review and update the safety plan as needed.

In short, any student who shows COVID symptoms, as determined by Health Centre staff, will enter a supervised, self-isolation area on campus where they will be monitored, tested for the virus and where they will remain for at least 10 days from the onset of symptoms while continuing to receive full health and academic support. A positive test will trigger a move to a quarantine ward on campus and appropriate notifications as well as contact tracing, health and safety measures in the student’s residence and other locations as necessary. Any other measures determined by Public Health will immediately be put in place.

Adults, working in conjunction with their own health care providers, who test positive are obliged to follow similar self-isolation, testing and, if necessary, quarantine rules.

Public health officials and governments have asked much of us over the past 14 months and surely everyone is fatigued with shifting protocols and rules. Vaccinations are being distributed and more and more people are being inoculated but the COVID-19 virus still poses a threat to our collective health and wellbeing. Thank you for remembering that we’re doing this not only to protect ourselves but also our friends, classmates and families.

Tyrone Pile, CMM, MSC, CD

Vice President Operations and Administration

Pearson College UWC

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