Student MC’s Lauren and Bella

Back in early May, we had the pleasure of hosting a special event that brought together members of the Greater Victoria community, including Sooke, for a screening of the film UnCharitable, a compelling documentary that explores the often-overlooked complexities and challenges within philanthropy.

The film critically examines traditional charitable practices and proposes an innovative, more impactful method of giving. Attendees were engaged with the film’s powerful narrative and its call for a paradigm shift in philanthropic efforts. Following the screening, our Head of College facilitated an insightful Q&A session with Pearson Patron Jim Hayhurst. This segment allowed the audience to delve deeper into the film’s themes and discuss the implications of adopting new philanthropic strategies. 

MC Lauren along with Jim Hayhurst (middle) and Jason McBride (right) engage in a Q&A following the screening

Attendees could network, share their reflections, and discuss potential actions inspired by the evening’s insights. The reception fostered a sense of community and collective commitment to exploring and implementing the radical new ideas presented in “UnCharitable.” The event highlighted the importance of rethinking philanthropic practices and served as a catalyst for ongoing discussions and potential collaborations within our community. We hope that the conversations initiated during the event will continue to inspire positive change and innovative approaches to giving. 

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended and contributed to the vibrant dialogue. We look forward to hosting more events that challenge conventional thinking and promote progressive change.