Welcome to Campus!

We always welcome alumni and their guests on campus and hope that many of you do return time and time again. Please send our Alumni Engagement team a quick note with your dates for visiting so we can welcome you, and flag any logistical concerns if need be. For general information about visiting campus, follow this link. 

  • If you are staying for a meal in the cafeteria, meal tickets need to be purchased ahead of time at reception in the Administration Building.
  • If you’re looking to stay overnight, please contact alumni@pearsoncollege.ca.
  • If you’re looking for ways to engage with the campus community, check out the different Engagement Opportunities here

See you soon!

A special note for our newest alumni

A message to our most recent graduates:

We hope that you will come back and visit campus many times as an alum. In your first year away from Pearson (or another UWC), however, it can be difficult coming back to a place that was once your home (or a community that is similar to what was once your home). Your role in this community as an Alum is now different from when you were a student. As recent alumni you have an existing, deep relationship with students on campus and your presence on campus can be wonderful, but can also been unsettling both for the current students and for you. It is hard to come back and not feel like or act like a student and the reality is that as an alum you are an adult on campus. For current second years, having their second years come back can make them feel like a first year again, and can alienate first years. There can be lots of reminiscing about the past which can undermine tone setting and community building that has taken place with the new student body.

With this in mind, here are some guidelines to our most recent alumni planning a visit to campus:

When can you come? We ask that you plan your visit after Canadian Thanksgiving, and before the last day of classes for second years. We also ask that you do not come during Block Week or the week prior to Block Week. You can understand that these are sensitive times when students need to have minimal distractions so they can concentrate only on their studies.

How long can you stay? During the academic year we ask that you stay for no more than two nights and three days.

Where can I stay? We will do our best to accommodate all recent alumni as spaces on campus permit.

Can I volunteer?–  Yes, however we do not want to take leadership opportunities away from current students, so we will restrict what you are invited to do and when you do it. As a general guideline we will not accept recent alumni volunteers for One World.

Do I have any specific rules? You are considered an adult when you visit, and no adults (other than houseparents’) should enter student rooms. Even if you are invited by a current student (even if they are your friend) to come into their room, we ask that you respect the privacy of the other roommates and students in the house.

The College does not tolerate any sexual relationship between an adult (faculty, staff, resident, volunteer, alumni, visitor, guest, contracted services member) and a student (regardless of age). Regardless of prior relationships with current students, there is zero tolerance for any sexual relationship between alumni and current students on campus.

Everyone on campus is expected to contribute to a quiet campus after 10:30pm. To respect the students’ residential life environment, we expect you to check-in with your host in Alumni & Community House before 10:30 PM, to inform them of your whereabouts on campus and to return to your rooms by midnight. If they are not staying on campus, you need to leave by 10:30pm.

We ask that you use discretion and moderation with regards to alcohol if you are legally permitted to drink, and that you are respectful of the wishes of your hosts, only drinking in adult residences or at college hosted receptions. Alcohol should not be consumed in any public areas as it is against the law in British Columbia. This means that alcohol should never be consumed in public areas on campus. No students at Pearson College, regardless of their age, are permitted to drink alcohol, and providing alcohol to minors is a federal offense.

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