On-Campus Reunion: Reunions are hosted every summer on campus. Here is the schedule of future reunions for you to see when your next reunion will be. To view the presentation from the Village Gathering at the 2017 reunions, click here.

2018: 10-Year Reunion (Years 32, 33, 34 & 35) – August 5-9, 2018



The 10 Year Reunion this summer for YR 32-33-34-35 will kick off on Sunday, 5 Aug with a Campus Tour and a Welcome Reception. Monday will start with a great breakfast in the Dining Hall and then a full schedule of events from Village Gathering to the Golden Shoe. On Tuesday there will be a full day of activities including some time at the beach concluding with a Dinner and Auction. On the final full day, Wednesday, there will be an alumni-led Village Meeting, a memorial ceremony and a talent/no-talent show. To find out more about the reunion, visit our website. If you don’t think you can attend for monetary reasons, please apply to our travel fund, to support those getting funds from travel funds please consider donating.


August 5-9, 2018

We’re excited to welcome you back to campus after 10 years!  If you’re on Facebook, join the Reunion group and share your photos and memories with each other as you gear up for your 10-Year Reunion!

Visa applications

Please read the Visa Application section below for further details.


Registration is a simple three step process:

  1. You can register for the reunion using this registration form. You can register for on- campus or off-campus accommodation. You can opt to stay for the entire duration or for individual daily accommodation. You can also sign up one guest daily and another for the entire duration. Keep in mind that off-campus accommodations are not provided by the College (please note any specific dietary concerns for you and/or guests on this form).
  2. Complete the online registration process and make your payment.
  3. Sign up for waterfront activities once they become available. That’s it!


Please refer to the FAQ below.

Attending full reunion from August 5-9 (four nights):

On-campus rates include all meals, receptions, activities and accommodation Off-campus rates include all meals, receptions and activities 
Adults (over 16) = 500CAD Adults (over 16) = 340CAD
First Youth (5-16) = 450CAD

Subsequent Youth (5-16) = 350CAD

First Youth (5-16) = 320CAD

Subsequent Youth (5-16) = 270CAD

Children (under 5) = Free Children (under 5) = Free


Attending part of the reunion (daily rates):

On-campus rates include all meals, receptions, activities and accommodation Off-campus rates include all meals, receptions and activities
Adults (over 16) = 150CAD Adults (over 16) = 130CAD
First Youth (5-16) = 140CAD

Subsequent Youth (5-16) = 120CAD

First Youth (5-16) = 120CAD

Subsequent Youth (5-16) = 100CAD

Children (under 5) = Free Children (under 5) = Free

Travel Fund

The Travel Fund is meant to help alumni come to the reunion. If you are in a situation where additional funds would help you be able to attend your reunion, please apply for funding. Learn more about the Travel fund in the section below. Help out a fellow alum to attend your reunion by donating here.

The Travel Fund Committee is made up of alumni who promote participation both in terms of donations and applications to the fund and then select recipients according to the application process. If you are interested in sitting on the Travel Fund committee please, email us.


This is your reunion, and therefore we need you to plan it. We are looking for a group of alumni to join the organizing committee to help ensure the program is filled with activities year 32, 33, 34 and 35 alumni are looking for, and to ensure all alumni in these years know about the reunion and as many of you as possible attend.

If you are interested in joining the organizing committee, or would like to suggest who you think would be a good member of the committee, email us.

In addition to the preparation for the reunion, we have a number of opportunities for you to help us out at the reunion. Please sign up to let us know where you can help!


Here are a few answers to the questions you may have.

Stay tuned for more information about this reunion. For any questions, please contact us.





2019: 20-Year Reunion (Years 23, 24, 25 & 26) – more information to come in 2018






Stay tuned for more information about this reunion. For any questions, please contact us.


2019: 30-Year Reunion (Years 14, 15, 16 & 17) – more information to come in 2018



Stay tuned for more information about this reunion. For any questions, please contact us.



Please email us if you have ideas and suggestions for reunions. We are always interested in supporting this!



Here is a sample of a schedule from previous reunions

Adult schedule

Kids schedule

Travel fund

Every year, alumni pool money together to help ease the financial burden of other alumni travelling to and attending the reunion. The College holds these contributions until the reunion and then distributes them to the alumni selected by the Travel Fund committee as recipients. The Travel Fund is meant to help alumni come to the reunion. Further information specific to your reunion will be provided in the sections above.

Visa applications

Please remember to plan your travel plans early. If you need a letter of invitation to apply for your visa please email Luisa with the following details:

  1. Your name and birth-date as they appear on your passport
  2. The name of each person you are travelling with as on their passport
  3. The name and address of the embassy/consulate you will be working with