Life After Pearson is a way in which alumni can connect with today’s young leaders at Pearson. We have designed a program that supports our 2nd year students through the transition from student to alumni. Hearing from alumni about their lived experiences after leaving Pearson College, having the opportunity to ask alumni their questions, and exploring different ideas with alumni relieves anxiety, broadens their perspective, and initiates healthy conversations about next steps. Within this program we have eight concrete opportunities for alumni to engage and help students with their transition. We’d really like to have alumni reflect the diversity of the student population, and we know that it isn’t possible for everyone to travel to campus, so please consider hosting one of the following sessions virtually if coming to campus isn’t possible for you right now.

Life After Pearson Roundtable discussions are informal, fireside chats (virtual or in person) to discuss your experience transitioning from student to alum, share some advice and tips, as well as answer questions.

Career Cafe discussions are an opportunity to focus a discussion around your career path and field of expertise. Students from both first and second year will be invited to join the discussion, ask questions and explore opportunities with you.

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