We are always happy to welcome alumni and their guests back to this transformative place as you explore what has changed, what is the same, and share with the current campus community. The Alumni & Community House (A&C House) is a house on campus that is open to all alumni and their guests for short term stays while you visit or volunteer. It is the central hub for alumni whether you are coming for just a night or a week or two, this is where you will be welcomed with open arms!

How it works:

When available, you can book a room for you and your guests in the A&C House.

To book a room,

  1. Complete the booking form with your travel details.
  2. You will then receive an email that will include an invoice for you to pay prior to your arrival (or an agreement for volunteering in lieu of payment is agreed upon).
  3. Once payment is received (or volunteer jobs and hours is agreed upon) you will be introduced to your hosts by email (Benoit and Anamaria) and arrangements will be made to welcome you upon arrival.
What it costs:

The value of your bed, room, and food is $50 per person, per night. We recognize that this is a prohibitive cost for many alumni, and we want to encourage as many of you to come back to campus and engage with the campus community so we offer two options:

  1. A reduced rate of $31.50 per person, per night
  2. Volunteer work for 2.5 hours on campus in lieu of payment

If you agree to volunteer and end up changing your mind once you arrive or want to volunteer only a day or two of a multi-day stay, no problem, we will send you an invoice for the difference and you can settle up with a credit card over the phone.

What you can expect:
  • Benoit Charlebois and Anamaria Gomez Upegui will be your hosts on campus.
  • Food is provided at the cafeteria. If you are staying during a time when the cafeteria is closed, you will be responsible for your own food.
  • You will be introduced to the campus community via email that will include a photo and short biography of yourself and your guests.
  • We ask all alumni visitors to engage in the campus community whether that be joining an activity, inviting students to A&C House for tea and a discussion, eating with faculty and staff in the cafeteria, or sharing a skill or expertise you bring, we hope you find a way to contribute to this community.
What we expect of you:
  • You will arrange your own transportation to and from campus and communicate with the Alumni Relations Officer and your hosts of your expected time of arrival.
  • You will advise the Alumni Relations Officer of any allergies you have.
  • You will send the Alumni Relations Officer a recent photo of you and your guests as well as a short write up of each of you that we can distribute to the campus community.
  • You will check-in with your host before 10:30 PM each night to inform them of your whereabouts on campus.
  • You will return to your room by midnight.
  • You will not enter any classrooms, bedrooms, or residence buildings. As per College policy, even if you are invited by a friend (or family member) no adults are to enter any bedrooms. This is to respect the privacy of all students.
  • You will respect the fact that alcohol consumption is not allowed on campus, except in adult residences or when it is being served during receptions.
  • You will abide by and agree to all College Policies and Procedures. Of note, the College does not tolerate any sexual relationship between an adult (faculty, staff, resident, volunteer, alumni, visitor, guest, contracted services member) and a student (regardless of age). Regardless of prior relationships with current students, there is zero tolerance for any sexual relationship between alumni and current students on campus.

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