We are asking non-essential visitors to campus to cancel visits for the foreseeable future.


Becoming a Pearson College UWC graduate opens up an entire world of connections to continue living the UWC Mission throughout one’s lifetime. We hope to offer you a number of different ways to connect with each other, with the College and our current students, and with the UWC movement and its mission.

Take a look at some of the programs we offer for alumni engagement, and if you have an idea you’d like to pursue, send us an email – we’d love to explore it with you!

Alumni & Community House

We are always happy to welcome alumni and their guests back to Alumni-and-Community-House and the Pearson campus as you explore what has changed, what is the same, and share with the current campus community.

Alumni-in-Residence Program

The Alumni-in-Residence Program is an integrated way for alumni to engage with students and work with faculty, staff, residents and students to enhance the two-year program on campus.

Life After Pearson

Life After Pearson is a way in which alumni can connect with today’s young leaders at Pearson.

Host an Alumni Gathering

Re-ignite your passion for UWC, explore collaboration opportunities, or simply connect with like-minded individuals in your area at a Pearson and/or UWC alumni gathering.

Volunteer Opportunities

Throughout the year there are many opportunities for alumni to volunteer on or off campus.

Alumni Engagement Working Group

The Alumni Engagement Working Group will provide data research and analysis, expertise, advice and recommendations towards developing the best possible model for Pearson College UWC and its alumni to support each other in advancing and carrying out the UWC mission.

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