Alumni Who Give Their Time and Experience

Becoming a Pearson College UWC graduate opens up an entire world of connections to continue living the UWC Mission throughout one’s lifetime. One important way of living the mission is for “present alumni” to pass on their life experiences with “future alumni.”

Increasingly, more and more of our alumni are coming back to campus – not only for a visit or a reunion, but often with the deliberate intention of sharing with current students some of the wisdom and experience they have acquired since leaving the College. Pearson encourages former students to come back and become short-term educators formally through our Alumni-in- Residence Program and informally through engagement opportunities like on-campus speaking opportunities, discussion groups or just being available to talk with young leaders on campus at “Life After Pearson” sessions. We encourage you to contact first if this interests you.

The College’s Alumni Relations also works with alumni interested in establishing a mentorship relationship with current or graduating students or taking part from their home communities in virtual Career Café panel discussions. Again, contact for more information.

In the meantime, check out our Alumni-in-Residence blog for a look at some of the comments and experiences shared by past participants in this program.

Life After Pearson

Life After Pearson is another way in which alumni can connect with today’s young leaders at Pearson. Alumni Interested in speaking at an informal Life After Pearson session either on-campus or remotely can contact Alumni Relations & Community Engagement Officer Julia Norman at


The Alumni-in-Residence Program encourages alumni to engage in life and learning on our experiential education campus and to enrich campus life for current students, faculty and staff. Alumni are invited to bring their expertise and passions and work collaboratively with the community to offer new activities or learning opportunities based on their work, world experience, or passions. Contact Julia Norman, Alumni Relations and Engagement Officer, at

Learn more on the Alumni-in-Residence Blog.

Host a UWC gathering in your community

Email us  to learn more, to RSVP, or if you’re interested in organizing an event in your city.

Become a UWC host family volunteer

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