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We’d love to learn more about what you are doing. Tell us more about your experiences after Pearson College UWC and your recent endeavors by emailing You can also learn more about what’s happening on campus through our news blog and stories of our current scholars. If you have quick moment, we would also love to know how your experiences at Pearson College UWC where formative to you by answering these questions.

“Thank You!” For Class Year Scholarships

Reading Time: 7 minutes Class Year Scholarships (or Class Campaigns) are a great way for Pearson College UWC alumni to give back to the College by directly supporting current students. Pearson Class Years that take on this initiative raise funds to support at least one student scholarship for their two full years at the College.

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Reading Time: 2 minutes In their 34th annual summer session, MISSA enchanted the campus once again, transforming it into a creative hub for an entirely different kind of student.

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An Empowering Gap Year — Partially on Campus

Reading Time: 3 minutes After graduating from Pearson College UWC, Regan Greer (YR42/2017, Canada-AB) decided to take a very different kind of gap year. Unlike most of her peers, she did not go to university, sign up with a global gap year program or go traveling. Mind you, she is enrolled at the College of the Atlantic and will start her Liberal Arts degree in September 2018, but what she did in the year in between, is certainly extraordinary and empowering.

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