Pearson College and UWC alumni like to keep in touch with each other. You often ask the College to assist in networking and supporting interconnections across classes and years. The best tools for this are listed below.

Please email us if you have further ideas and suggestions for networking and mentoring. We are always interested in new ways to support you.


The aim of the UWC Hub is to strengthen the UWC community, to encourage engagement and positive action, to increase UWC’s collective impact and advance the UWC mission. As a dedicated and safe platform, the UWC Hub is a tailored space for the UWC community to share information, engage in robust debate and connect across the globe which goes beyond other social media networks. To find out more about the UWC Hub, see here.

With the UWC Hub app you will be able to carry the UWC community in your pocket wherever you go, easily identify people who are near you, both at home and when you travel, and will make the experience of using the UWC Hub much easier. To access the UWC Hub, users need to create an account on the web version first, by following a personalized link they receive from Luisa Vasquez upon requestGo through the steps as prompted.

Alumni Directory

The Alumni Directory is a networking tool to stay connected with the College and your fellow alumni. It is a secure database of Pearson Scholar contact information, and is used by our team to send event and gathering notifications. So keep your information up-to-date!

A high percentage of our alumni have up-to-date information available for viewing, and our graduates can use the Directory to query for such info as alumni who went to a specific school or university, alumni working in a particular industry or alumni living in a particular city or country.

Sign up and/or log in to update your information and search for your classmates.



The College has a private LinkedIn group. This group was created to facilitate networking across the world among Pearson College UWC alumni, students, faculty and staff (current and former).



We encourage you to use our PearsonUWC Facebook page to read up on recent College news, as well as to share the successes of fellow alumni with the public community.


Keep in Touch (Kit)

The annual Keep in Touch (KIT) newsletter allows you to share news with your PC year, as well as with the PC years on either side of you, after leaving the College. It has a long tradition, stretching back to PC YR 2 (with PC YR 1 soon following suit!) and has moved from typewritten newsletters to desktop publishing to electronic files.

Alumni now post annual updates online. Once a year, your PC YR’s KIT contributions are published into an electronic newsletter and sent to you by your PC YR’s KIT representative, along with the electronic newsletter for the PC YR on either side of you.


  • Log in to the Alumni Directory.
  • Click on the KIT link.
  • Click on your PC YR to see or add KIT posts.
  • To add a post, click on Post a New Topic. It’s simplest if your name goes in the Topic field. You can add photos (one small one, please, to keep the system up to speed), add links to photosharing sites such as Picasa or Flickr. You can also embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo.
  • You can comment on other people’s posts as well.
  • A library of KIT newsletters from 2010 and 2011 are posted, too.


Kit Reps


Get in touch with your KIT Reps:

PC YR 1 Heather Milliken
PC YR 2 Bruce McFee
PC YR 3 Loreen Pindera
PC YR 4 Lucie Poliquin-Zaor
PC YR 5 Todd Van Vliet
PC YR 6 Janice Brown
PC YR 7 Lance Campo and Gillian McCandlish
PC YR 8 John Koch
PC YR 9 Fiona May
PC YR 10 Jane Wells
PC YR 11 Hélène St-Jean and Gena Morgan
PC YR 12 Pedro Guevara Mann
PC YR 13 Andy Quan
PC YR 14 Emma Duffell
PC YR 15 Jacob Breugem
PC YR 16 Diana (Percy) Jenkins
PC YR 17 Danielle White
PC YR 18 Katherine Greatrex and Keira Armstrong
PC YR 19 Lucy MacDonald
PC YR 20 Gal Pinshow
PC YR 21 Toni De Mello
PC YR 22 Siti Masturah “Mas” B Ismail
PC YR 23 Sophie Walsh and Alexandre Rousseau
PC YR 24 Alijah Kanji
PC YR 25 Juan Pablo Vieytes
PC YR 26 Andrew Fanous and Kevin Selby
PC YR 27 Damien Guihen
PC YR 28 Dolores ‘Doda’ Krgovic
PC YR 29 Bruce D’Souza, Eric Beaudoin and Rosie Townsend
PC YR 30 Martina Naschberger
PC YR 31 Priyanka Karuvelil
PC YR 32 Nathaniel Walker
PC YR 33 Saijai Liangpunsakul
PC YR 34 Eve Markvardt
PC YR 35 Elena Miltiadis
PC YR 36 Emmy Chahal and Marissa Gilmour
PC YR 37 Sahar Ibrahim
PC YR 38 Thea Ryan
PC YR 39 Jessica Arsenault
PC YR 40 Keegan Payne and Stuart Leary
PC YR 41 Mary Gao, Aziz Sonawalla, Noa Bridson and Michael Leger