Pearson College and UWC alumni like to keep in touch with each other. You often ask the College to assist in networking and supporting interconnections across classes and years. The best tools for this are listed below.

Please email us if you have further ideas and suggestions for networking and mentoring. We are always interested in new ways to support you.


The aim of the UWC Hub is to strengthen the UWC community, to encourage engagement and positive action, to increase UWC’s collective impact and advance the UWC mission. As a dedicated and safe platform, the UWC Hub is a tailored space for the UWC community to share information, engage in robust debate and connect across the globe which goes beyond other social media networks. To find out more about the UWC Hub, see here.

With the UWC Hub app you will be able to carry the UWC community in your pocket wherever you go, easily identify people who are near you, both at home and when you travel and will make the experience of using the UWC Hub much easier. To access the UWC Hub, users need to create an account on the web version first, then an application can be downloaded on mobile devices.

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Events and Gatherings
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Currently there are no events and gatherings planned for the near future.

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