We are asking non-essential visitors to campus to cancel visits for the foreseeable future.

The second term of this academic year is already in full swing and all of us on campus had quite a busy start to the new year 2018. There is however, a remarkable difference this month, compared to the last: two alumni from Spain, who are staying on campus as part of the alumni-in-residence program, add the little bit of extra flair and a dose of metaphorical Iberian Peninsula sunshine.

Raquel Moya Agudo (YR 6/1981, Spain), arrived on 15 January and will stay with us until 11 February 2018. After recently retiring from her 36-year career as a flight attendant and occasional translator, Raquel has been looking forward to sharing her “energy and optimism to help spread the values that makes Pearson College and the UWC movement so beautifully and greatly special.”

“I love helping students” Raquel states. “I mostly work in the library, sort, catalogue and answer questions. I also offer Spanish conversation groups twice a week and water colour workshops on weekends.

“I had been given a gift when I was able to attend Pearson College UWC almost 40 years ago. Now, I feel like receiving the same gift again, for being able to return and to spend time with students on campus is very special to me! Pearson gave me a sense of community. Here, I learned that we, as individuals, are very important. Every one of us.  And working together we are able to achieve common goals, like a choir. It does not matter how our voice sounds, they are all different. But we are able to raise them together and make a harmonious and marvellous noise.”

The other Spaniard is Albert Lluís (YR 24/1999, Spain). He arrived on 22 January and will stay until 12 February 2018. After more than 12 years working as a business and IT consultant as an employee and then entrepreneur, Albert now works as a freelance online consultant for several companies.

In true Pearsonian fashion, both Raquel and Albert dove right back into the Pearson life. Utilizing his extensive work experience, Albert engaged in discussions with the Social Innovation CAS about project management, business models, feasibility and possible future growth. But mind you, he is not only all business. Albert participates in a range of activities such as fitness, diving, wilderness and sharing his artistic skills in visual arts. He is also eager to talk about mountaineering and survival skills.

“The moment I arrived, I felt so welcomed by everyone on campus. I enjoy when students connect with me and accept me as part of their community and experience here. Lots – and at the same time very little – has changed since the late 90s. The people on campus are different, yet the spirit is still the same.”

Thank you, Raquel and Albert for sharing your time, enthusiasm and passion for the College and the UWC mission with our students!