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Activities Coordinator Travis Young
Sounds too good to be true?
But that is exactly what Travis Young, our Activities Coordinator, Fitness co-leader, McLaughlin House Buddy, CAS and Project Week Coordinator does. That and so much more.

Travis holds probably one of the more unique jobs on campus. If you were to set out to compile a job description of all the roles Travis Young holds, you would probably end up writing a 10-page manuscript.

wilderness campingSo, what does the Activities Coordinator (extraordinaire) do? During “normal” working hours (from 8:30am – 2:45pm) Travis looks after the bike and camp shed and related equipment, organizes on and off-campus activities for students on weekends, repairs the odd bike, prepares for the activities he leads around Fitness and CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) and organizes the CAS and Project weeks.

His afternoons are dedicated to the following: Tuesday is Fitness, Wednesday is devoted to Kayaking CAS, Thursday is catch-up time for anything else, Friday is Wilderness CAS, and then weekend activities, ranging from hikes to events in the Greater Victoria area to movie time or even a skiing trip.

As McLaughlin House Buddy Travis keeps his door open to students as much as possible and assists the house parents Aziz and Ola when needed. Students like to drop in for a chat or the occasional board game as Travis is quite the avid board gamer.

“The students are the best thing about living on campus. I love talking to these young and inspiring people from all over the world and as house buddy I have the chance to connect with them on a deeper level than I had before”, Travis explains.

Since joining the campus community in August 2016 on a contract, Travis was able to create a niche for himself with his unique skill set and open personality. His degree in tourism-management, extensive sea-kayaking guide experience and passion for the outdoors and water-sports activities made him the ideal candidate for the job. But as already mentioned, Travis does so much more than just his job.

“As a Pearson College UWC resident, you have to be committed to campus life. I feel fortunate to have the liberty to combine doing what I love, being outdoors, teaching outdoor activities, interacting with the students, hosting board games and taking them to the movies or events, and living in a small community.”

After having grown up on the Lower Mainland in the Tri-Cities area and then having lived in a small coastal community for eight years prior to coming to Pearson, Travis was very happy to move to this small community on the forested shores of Pedder Bay.

“The best part to me about being here is to witness the transformation the students go through. I see how first-year students adapt to life on campus and thrive in (or struggle with) the activities that I share with them. When they come back for their second year, they assume leadership roles in the same activities and often surpass their own expectations of what they would have thought possible for them. It is wonderful to be able to be part of this journey while sharing what I love to do.”

Life for Travis is never stagnant. He is always looking for ways to engage the students and offer new and fun activities. He currently works on sourcing enough equipment to start a new activity for next academic year, street hockey.

“We are the Canadian UWC school and it would be great to share a bit more of the Canadian culture with our students!”