In June 2017, the Pearson College UWC Board of Directors approved revised and new policies to ensure and maintain the best possible standards and practices in Human Resources and Health, Safety and Wellness at Pearson College. These policies included a revised Respectful Community Policy and Non-Discrimination and Accommodation Policy and a new Gender Diversity Policy and new Sexual Misconduct-Sexual Violence Policy.

We engaged independent consultant and subject matter expert Pat Patton to guide work on these policies and to engage with our staff, faculty and students in their development. We sought and received significant feedback during this process and are now embarking on the next step – reaching out to our alumni to provide comments on the policies.

We have already received input from some alumni as well as from staff and faculty during recent training programs. We would very much welcome additional comments from alumni as we review and revise these policies. Please take a few moments to read these policies and share with us your thoughts. Please send your comments to: or contact our Human Resources Officer Shelley Seysener at 250-391-2421.

Respectful Community Policy

In keeping with Canadian culture, federal and provincial laws, the BC Child, Family and Community Service Act, the BC Human Rights Code and the ethos of the United World Colleges movement, Pearson College UWC is committed and obliged to provide a safe and respectful environment for all its youth, child and adult populations; and all employees, volunteers, students, and other campus residents of Pearson College UWC.

The College is committed to providing a respectful working, living and learning environment that is free of discrimination, supportive of personal growth and achievement and one that upholds the dignity, self-esteem and fair treatment of all members of the College Community, including employees, volunteers, students, campus residents, contractors and visitors. This commitment represents the right and responsibility of every member of the College Community.

This Policy is adapted in furtherance of Pearson College UWC’s commitments, set out above, and in compliance with the College’s obligations under the British Columbia Human Rights Code. The policy shall therefore be interpreted in accordance with applicable legislation and jurisprudence.

Pearson College UWC is a respectful community and an organization that does not tolerate harassment, bullying and/or discrimination of any kind.

View the full policy here.

Non-Discrimination and Accommodation Policy

This Policy is an adjunct to the Respectful Community Policy and other related Pearson College UWC policies and documents including the Gender-Diversity Policy, the Incident Protocols, Emergency Procedures and the Student Handbook.

Read the full policy here.

Gender Diversity Policy

This Policy is to ensure that all members of the College community understand their respective responsibilities in fostering an inclusive living, working and learning environment free from discrimination and harassment based on gender identity and gender expression.

Read the full policy here.

Sexual Misconduct - Sexual Violence Policy

This Policy aims to ensure that Pearson College UWC builds and sustains a community of respect and consent between its members to prevent, educate and assist in all matters related to Sexual Misconduct, Harassment, Abuse, Assault, and/or Violence.

Read the full policy here.