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Canada’s School for the World

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Global Network

Connect with the UWC movement to foster international understanding, peace and sustainability.

Place-based Experiential Education

Experience place-based education that prepares you for real-world success.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Embrace the vibrant and purpose-driven student life where learning reaches far beyond the classroom.

Pearson College UWC

Located in B.C., Canada, our international school unites 150+ countries, empowering students through IB education, experiential learning, and a commitment to fostering cultural understanding, personal responsibility, and environmental sustainability. Join us in making a difference for a better world.

Reconciliation at Pearson College UWC

Pearson is intentionally building upon the diversity of the College community to specifically focus on transforming the College into a community of cultural safety for Indigenous people.

Climate Action Leadership Diploma

The Climate Action Leadership Diploma inspires young people to tackle climate issues through diverse paths: as scientists, entrepreneurs, activists, tech innovators, policymakers, and changemakers in various sectors.

Updates from the Head of College

Stay in the loop with exclusive insights from the Head of College, showcasing our commitment to excellence in education.

Our Programs

Only at Pearson

IB Diploma Program

The International Baccalaureate® (IB)
Diploma Program (DP)


16–19 yo

2 years

IB Diploma

Only at Pearson

CALD Diploma Program

Certified under IB Career-related Programme

The Climate Action Leadership Diploma (CALD) Program


16–19 yo

2 years

IB Diploma



Alumni 2023, IBDP

A Pearson education is a deep and a transformative experience, one that taught me how to lead with benevolence, carry myself with strength and inspire with vision. It inspires growth, camaraderie, and unity. This experience truly helps one become the changemaker and the leader that our world needs.


How to apply

In most cases the UWC National Committees are responsible for the standard selection process. They handle applications, conduct interviews, and choose students to represent their country at UWC institutions. However, if you’re from a country that doesn’t have a UWC National Committee, don’t worry! UWC offers the Global Selections Program for students like you. This program allows exceptional students from such countries to apply directly to UWC schools and colleges, providing an alternative pathway for admission.

National Committee Selections

Selection is based on academics, extracurriculars, personal qualities, and interviews.

  • You can set your preference for specific UWC schools (up to 5 choices).
  • Applications are handled by the National Committee in your country.
  • Possibility of applying in a language other than English. (In most cases)

UWC Global Selection Program

Selection is based on academics, personal qualities, and potential to contribute to UWC’s mission.

  • Alternative pathway if you do not require a scholarship or financial Support.
  • Apply directly to UWC schools.

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