Generously contributed by Tiffany McKenzie, UWC Maastricht – Class of 2015

  1. Be Yourself | UWC Students are known for their honesty. Don’t try to be perfect in your application, but be real. I am pretty sure that your imperfections make you more of an interesting person any day. Embrace your shortcomings with a positive, progressive attitude. There’s nothing better than being yourself and believe it or not, being yourself is the best way to stand out.
  2. Be Confident | Many times some of us have a way of belittling our achievements. Be proud! Talk about your achievements in your application.
  3. Take the Application in Strides | Do not try to do everything in one go (especially not in the essays). You need to do things a little at a time. You want to approach your work with a fresh mind. This will make you more effective and guarantee higher work quality.
  4. Research | UWC is not just another school. Look up the UWC mission and values, history etc. The strongest applicants understand the UWC movement and are able to talk about how they can contribute to the mission.
  5. Set Early Deadlines | It is always tempting to procrastinate when it comes to applications. Resist the temptation! If it can be done today, then do it today! You can not afford to have a late application, it won’t be accepted.
  6. Be Creative | Do not be afraid to get creative with the essays. The essays are about an incredibly interesting person, also known as, YOU! So do your essays some justice and make them interesting. Share something unique and interesting about yourself.
  7. Ask for Help | The application essays may seem simple and easy to answer, but remember you are competing against other exemplary students. Ask friends, family members, and teachers to proofread your essays. Their different perspectives will be helpful. You’ll be surprised to see the different criticisms that each person has to offer. Take these corrections well, but remember that in the end, the essays are yours and are therefore about you.
  8. Choose Wisely | Ask a reliable teacher with whom you have a good relationship to write your recommendations. You want the best recommendation possible, so it only makes sense to ask someone who as a good idea of who you are. For bonus points: It would be great if this teacher knows different aspects of you and can relate to you outside of the classroom context.
  9. Request Recommendations Early | Teachers need time to write recommendations.Even after requesting recommendations, politely remind them about it, because it is possible that they may forget. If you feel as though it is necessary you can ask more than one teacher for the same recommendation as a backup plan (this saved me). Also, thank you cards are always nice to give after receiving your recommendation.
  10. Be Proactive | Apply early for transcripts and other required school documents: It is most likely that other students need these documents as well. Give your school sufficient time to generate these documents for you.

Last but not least, good luck to all of you!