Annual Campaign

support the learning experience at Pearson

Just as Pearson College's campus needs ongoing renewal and enhancements, our educational programs must evolve to meet the needs of our students. One clear example of this is the Summer Program for English Language Learning (SPELL), which helps Pearson scholars who wish to improve their English.

Co-facilitated by alumna Dani McArthur (Year 6/1981, Canada - ON) and faculty member Kim Meredith, SPELL provides students with an opportunity to settle in ahead of the full student orientation. This year's participants benefited tremendously from peer support, and continue to push their linguistic expression:

"I created strong connections with students who were facing the same barrier as me, students who I still lean on when I have difficulties related to language. My first days at Pearson would have been so much different – harder – if I hadn't had the opportunity to take SPELL." 
Ivonne Juárez Serna, Year 43/2018, Mexico

The more we invest in nurturing new programs like SPELL, the greater the impact for our students, our alumni, and the entire UWC movement. Undeniably, fostering change is also dependent on our financial sustainability – and the ongoing support of our donors significantly helps us implement these ideas.

When you give to the College’s annual fund, you are freeing students from financial worry and you are contributing to programs that help transform the learning experience. One of the easiest ways to give back is by becoming a monthly donor. You can maximize your philanthropic wishes, and accommodate your current finacial means, through a scheduled recurring gift. Thank you for your support!

For more information, please contact:
Laura Milligan
Acting Manager, Annual Fund and Stewardship