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Help our students discover their potential 

An essential element of a United World College education is participation in the CAS Programme – Creative, Activity, Service. At Pearson College, we believe that when you experience what you are learning you develop a broader and deeper understanding.

Every term there is a week where students plan and participate in a project off campus. Each Project Week allows students the opportunity to set goals, work in the community, and reflect. Once a year, projects are now formally connected to the CAS Programme, which helps students plan and carry out meaningful projects and apply skills they have learned in their ongoing CAS activities.

For Avril Umulisa, a Year 43 student from Rwanda who came to Pearson through the World University Service of Canada (WUSC) program, the opportunity to help the local community was both personal and rewarding:

“For Project Week, I wanted to help local immigrants and refugees. My group connected with community members in Victoria to offer help to refugees from around the globe. We planned to support them with shopping, chores, and English lessons.

I helped a refugee in Canada, to babysit her little boy, shop, clean, and help her recover from surgery. I really enjoyed being of service – it made me feel purposeful. I also enjoyed showcasing my Pearson College Emergency Response Team (PCERT) skills by applying what I have learned about wound care.

Helping others with their English also made me realize how supported I have felt coming to Pearson – we are an international school, so for many of us English is not a first language. I feel there is less pressure to speak perfectly, and that English is not the only way to communicate here.”

How can donors make an impact on this vital element of a UWC education?

When you give to Pearson College’s annual fund you support the acceleration of learning through student-led, hands-on experiences. Your contributions provide human and financial resources for CAS programming, like Project Week, which allows students to be innovative in their project planning and implementation.

As we prepare to welcome 20 additional first years in September, the need for experiential programmatic funding will increase. Please consider joining our loyal donor community by making a gift today.

One of the easiest ways to give back is by becoming a monthly donor. The benefits to scheduling a recurring gift include affordability and flexibility, as well as more opportunities to learn about the impact of your giving. Join the Sustainers Society today.  

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