We are passionate about wellbeing at Pearson—both personal and community. In fact, since the College’s founding, all aspects of life here have been guided by a simple principle: consideration for others.

We ask that students also take time to regularly contemplate their role within the Pearson community and their participation in all aspects of the program. This includes actively thinking about how they interact with others and taking responsibility to build a respectful, joyful community.

To ensure that Pearson College is a safe, secure, healthy and respectful place for everyone and to follow the rule of law in Canada, all members of the community are required to abide by the school policies both in spirit and in action at all times. Read the UWC Code of Conduct.

There are a number of individuals on Campus to help ensure students’ wellbeing, and thus that of the community as a whole:



Houseparents and their families live in an apartment attached to each of the five residential houses, and play an integral part in the life of each residence.


Each student has an advisor to assist him or her with balancing the overall program. This person is usually a teacher, and is available for both personal and academic support.

Dean of Students

The Dean of Students (currently Libby Mason) is responsible for the overall wellbeing of students. The Dean also collaborates with houseparents, advisors as well as other campus adult residents and members of the Pearson community at large to ensure that we are all working towards the goal of creating a healthy community for living, learning and working together—and thus fulfilling the mission of the College.


The College employs a full-time nurse, Susan Duffell-Warthe, who has access to a full range of medical professionals.