A few years ago, a student from Africa noted in a Pearson College Village Meeting that it wasn’t until he came to Canada that he learned to live unsustainably. This remark galvanized the College to turn our ideals of sustainability into reality. Our goal for 2020 is to be a campus where our 250 students, educators and visiting fellows live, learn and work together in ways that are healthy for individuals and sustainable for the environment.

To help us achieve these goals, we have created the Pearson College Oikos Charter, a sustainability policy (and a work in progress) that seeks to provide guidance to College decision-makers as well as establish a point of reference for long-term sustainability planning.

Already the College has achieved a 10% reduction in electricity, natural gas, water and paper use. We aim to reduce these levels a further 10% over the next two years. We have created a resources monitoring system to track energy use and progress.

Food sustainability is also on the menu at Pearson. We are making more sustainable food choices, with two campus greenhouses in year-round production and a sizable vegetable garden. When possible, we buy locally from Vancouver Island farmers, as well as Fair Trade products and OCEAN WISE fish; our unique commercial composer efficiently and effectively recycles food waste. 

We ambitiously plan to produce more renewable energy than we consume by 2020, with energy generated by solar, wind, micro-hydro and ocean-loop heat pump.