Project Week

One week per term, Pearson students head off campus to pursue non-academic projects of their own design. Welcome to Project Week.

A core component of the CAS program, Project Week enables students to pursue the College mission outside the classroom and under their own recognizance.

For many of our students, these are some of the most profound weeks during their time at the College. In the past, some have built housing for the homeless or worked with street youths. Others have created and led workshops on racism or performed invisible theatre on city buses. Still more have crewed on sailing expeditions or volunteered at community organizations.

We have very few parameters around Project Week, asking only that students:

Ultimately, Project Week is as meaningful as students choose to make it, as their interests, passions, creativity and energy drive it.

We expect all students to complete two projects in first year and at least one project in second year in order to successfully complete both the CAS and Pearson College graduation requirements.