One World - A celebration of diversity through music, stories and dance


Every spring the students of Pearson College UWC share the music, dance and stories of their homelands and their experiences in concert at One World, staged at the Royal Theatre in Victoria. Pearson College faculty, staff and students have produced, managed and performed in One World for over 30 years.

This is a collective—and enormously bonding—experience, with all students working together during the spring to create and produce all aspects of the performance, including choreography, lighting, sound, costumes and writing and performing. Leadership opportunities abound, as do the opportunities to learn to work through conflict.

Coming together to share in a challenging—yet ultimately rewarding—creative experience is one more way that Pearson College UWC students learn to live and work together. Through this ability to link people and communities through harmony, One World has come to symbolize the power of creative expression.

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