12 Informal Actions for Living, Learning and Working the Pearson College Way

Be Optimistic

A positive view is the engine of growth.

get to know one another

From knowing comes understanding, and from understanding comes support, respect and trust.

Slow down

Make a deeper commitment to fewer activities.


Working together leads to more creative solutions.

Embrace Change

A resilient community allows for spontaneous change and regeneration, and this is how we all grow.

Take Risks

Follow up ideas with considered action.

Try your best

You'll be amazed at what you accomplish.

Be Mindful

Listen to the needs, desires and stories of others. Don’t speculate when information is availalbe.


Rotate positions of responsibility. Accept that anyone can lead, for this fosters compassionate, courageous and diverse leadership.

Accept there is no right way

Admit you might be wrong; reflect and respond in place of instant reaction.

Work out your mind body and spirit

Personal sustainability increases the strength of our community.

Speak up

Voice community concerns in Village Meetings and in classrooms to ensure issues are dealt with as transparently as possible. Voice personal concerns directly with the person involved.